SELinux Information Resources

Mailing List: SELinux Development

Currently discussion and announcements for this project are hosted on the NSAs SELinux mailing list.

To participate in the NSA SELinux mailing list send a message to: Use "subscribe selinux" without quotes as the body (not subject) of your message. Subscribers will receive messages sent to by other subscribers.

The NSA SELinux list is archived. Messages sent to the list are saved and made available on NSA web sites and/or by e-mail at the discretion of NSA. Sending to the list implies your consent to the possible posting of the mail. Posting these messages does not imply that NSA endorses any particular product or approves the content of the message.

The NSA archive is updated periodically rather than automatically and so often does not contain the most recent postings. An unofficial archive is also maintained by the Mailing list ARChives (MARC).

Other Relevant Mailing Lists

IRC: #selinux

There is an ongoing IRC channel for discussion of SELinux at in channel #selinux.