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This is an archived project which is no longer maintained by Tresys.
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CDS Framework Toolkit

The CDS Framework Toolkit allows engineers to leverage the power of SELinux when designing and implementing cross domain solutions without requiring that they have in depth knowledge of the complex details of underlying SELinux security policies. In particular the CDS Framework Toolkit provides the following benefits to CDS developers on SELinux systems:

The CDS Framework Toolkit makes development of cross domain solutions on SELinux faster, simpler, and more intuitive.

The CDS Framework Toolkit includes the following features:

Building CDS Framework from Source

This section is for experienced developers. The following sections describe what is necessary for the development environment and how to check out and download the source necessary for developing and building CDS Framework locally. This method is really only for those experienced users who want to develop CDS Framework. Not recommended for most users.

1. Prepare the Development Environment

To build the CDS Framework plugin in Eclipse you need the following installed:

2. Setting-Up Eclipse for CDS Framework

Once all of the above are installed launch Eclipse, import the source, and do the following:

  1. Select the following projects:
    • framework-plugin
    • libselinx.linux.x86 (or x86_64 based on your platform)
    • libselinuxjava-plugin
    • helpfiles (the help files)
  2. Once everything has been checked out, right click on the project and select 'Properties':
    1. Select 'JavaCC options' tab
    2. Set 'OUTPUT_DIRECTORY' to '.' (no quotes)

3. CDS Framework Source

Download cdsframework.tar.gz

The development environment and CDS Framework source projects are now ready to begin development activity.